Working life

Working life

Citizens of the European Union may work in Finland without a worker’s residence permit. Citizens of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland have the same right. If you are from some other country please search more information from here.

Working life in Finland has changed and constantly continues to change becoming more diverse and more international. Work is often temporary and jobs are more and more found outside the place you live. During your occupational life, your job and profession may change a number of times. Combining work, studies, family and hobbies can be quite a challenge. According to studies and reports there will be plenty off jobs opening in fields requiring vocational training, such as the service industry, social and health care and metal industry.

There is much legislation covering young employees. Employers should be 
well aware of these, but the young employee should also be aware of his or her rights and responsibilities. You can find details on young employee rights and other issues related to youths on the internet pages of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.


the European Job Mobility Portal

Ministry of Labour
information on work in Finland, migration and the tasks of the labour administration   

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including unemployment

Tax Administration
information of Finnish tax system, tax percentage calculator etc. 

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