Young influencers

    Young people and children of Tornio can influence on their environments development. This can be done with civil propositions, participating in school boards and organizations, giving feedback and improvement suggestions. These can be given to the suggestion box on the website. One can also poke one of the youth council members for an idea. Each school in Tornio have at least one representative member. In other cases, you can always turn to youth workers with a suggestion or feedback, because they are here for you.


Influencing possibilities are open to 14-29 year old youth through the Tornio Youth Council. Youth Council (known also as nune) is a council formed by young people, designed to bring ideas ja propositions out to the world, make suggestions about the interests that they see important, follow the overall decision making in the city and activates peers to talk about topics concerning society.

Schoolboard action is developed though the youth information centre Aaltonen.


Tornio nune gathers at least once a month for a meeting. It was originally designed to improve youths influencing and participationpossibilities in 1999. Nune is made from 13-25 year-old young peope of Tornio, who want to influence their cities decision making regarding young people. It introduces young people to the citys decision making and decreases youth passivity. The main point is to get the subjects regarding youth and their environment heard. It also does active co-operation with other youth councils of Lapland and Haparanda.


The Program

In a nutshell, the nune of Tornio has regularly updated their program concerning youth politics. In 2012 they made a video interview about Tornios young people and what they felt was like to be a teenager in Tornio. They asked about living, study accessibility, leisure opportunities and hobby possibilities, and whether they were up to date or not. They put together a small document which they brough to the citys decision makers in order to improve Tornio's services for young people.


How do I get involved?

Tornio nune arranges elections on every school of the area every year once the season changes. During the elections you will find information from the school on how to nominate. If there are just a few nominees, there is no need for elections. If there are three or more nominees, there must be an election.


More information about nune can be asked from Jan-Mikael Hakomäki, p. 050 576 0498

Current nune members can be found over at tornionnune.blogspot.fi