e-mail addresses: firstname.lastname@tornio.fi, except Johanna Kallio
Youth office address: Pohjolankatu 11, 95420 Tornio


Head of youth work Auli Pietikäinen
phone: 040 876 7842

Supervisor of the department, administration and development, youth organization co-operation, international youth work, project management



Youth information centre Aaltonen
(Länsiranta 9, 95400 Tornio)

Youth leader Markku (Lusku) Lukkariniemi
phone: 0400 768 604

Leading director in Aaltonen, media/radio club, youth radio channel Hertzilä, information executive, band facilities, events



Kaikista paras kaveri-project
Project against hate speech and discrimination
Youth leader Jenni Lappalainen 
phone: 040 667 1150
Project worker, youth leader at Taukotupa, multicultural youth work, events 

Youth house Nuorkka in Pudas 

(Pohjolankatu 11, 95420 Tornio)

Youth leader Minna Mäkinen
phone: 050 525 4218
Executive leader of Nuorkka, hobby clubs


Youth leader Johanna Kallio
phone: 0400 419 473
Youth work at school, youth leader at Nuorkka, international youth work, group integration

email: johannakallio.nuorisotoimi@tornio.fi



Youth house Messi/ game house Serveri in Kiviranta
(Tapiolantie 8, 95410 Tornio)


Youth leader Jan-Mikael Hakomäki
phone: 050576 0498
Youth leader at Messi, boy-centered youth work, youth council

Youth Leader Marko Pesonen
phone: 0400 920 616
Serveri- game house worker, youth leader at Messi



Youth house Konkka in Kokkokangas 
(Holmantie 21, 95450 Tornio)

Youth leader Armi Nitovuori
phone: 040 776 5852
Executive youth leader of Konkka, Info-group, Reppu street patrol, trips and club reservations.


Youth leader Teemu Pehkonen
0400 236 978
Youth leader at Konkka, events


Youth house Taukotupa in the city centre
(Puutarhakatu 14, 95400 Tornio)

Youth leader Minna Mäkinen
phone: 050 525 4218
Youth leader at Messi and Nuorkka, Äxön disco nights, events, trips, multicultural youth work


Youth leader Terttu Mäkimartti
phone: 0400 810 841
Youth work at school, multicultural work



(youth house Nuorkka)
Laura Pelimanni
phone: 040 777 2151



Outreach youth work

Youth leader Aliisa Sakko 
phone: 050 520 9738
Outreach youth work  


Youth leader Reija Nurkkala
phone: 050 520 9738
Outreach youth work
Facebook: Etsivä nuorisotyö Reija Nurkkala
Absent until 2018



Outreach youth work at schools 

Youth leader Minna Herukka 
phone: 040 687 8267
Outreach youth work, youth leader at Konkka


Youth leader Aleksi Ylitervo
phone: 040 687 7065
Outreach youth work, youth leader at Nuorkka



You can find our youth leaders from facebook with:
”Tornion nuorisotoimi "first name and surname”