School-centered youth work

School-centered youth work works to create a better and safer atmosphere in schools and to increase the youths activity and involvement. For example, the god-parent project and group-up activities work towards a class environment of unity and safety, where everyone can feel accepted as they are. The idea is to replace fear, bullying and insecurity with togetherness, trust and joy. This helps the youth to do better in schools as well, while practicing social skills and co-operation.


The youth services in Tornio have multiple projects and activities that involve school environment and youth. School represents the whole generation for teens, which is also a big part of their lives, socially and educationally. These include projects:


  1. Täyskäsi – group integrationday for 7th graders

      - Group integration day aims to bring the new 7th graders together in a new, unknown environment. The students have a chance to get to know each other, build trust between the class mates, learn co-operation skills with new people and build a common atmosphere inside the group. This is done with the guidance of youth workers and youth and leisure students of Peräpohjolan Opisto. Contact information: markku.lukkariniemi@tornio.fi (p. 0400768604) and johannakallio.nuorisotoimi@tornio.fi (p. 0400 419 473) 

      2.  Godparent classes for 7
      th and 8th graders of Pudas school

        - Idea is to get the students to know each other and have support from the older students with school and school life. The students understand each other better than they do understand adults, so it's important to have senior students guiding them through the new environment.

        3. School tours

        - The Outreach youth workers visit the local schools to tell about their work for the graduating 9th graders. This is also done to help the students seek help with past-school situations and problems.

        4. Gender specific youthwork

        - Idea of the girl centered school group is to give 13-17 year-old girls a chance deal with hard situations in their life, with the professional youth workers assistance. Themes can be bullying, loneliness, issues at home or similar problems. It's important for the girls to understand and react to their emotions, which they express through power. The main idea is to channel their power into something useful and productive, instead of misbehaving and destructive behaviour. Their aggression is dealt in a safe and understanding environment and correct focus of their emotions. The group starts with individual interviews where the students can come alone, or with a parent, curator, nurse or a teacher.

        - Boy centered school work focuses on students understanding of their own characteristics and behaviour, instead of the dominating peer pressure which can be seen during recessions and between classes. In the groups the boys have chance to channel their emotions and rebellious spirit to something useful. The activities give room for letting out steam and getting something else on their minds. It's focused on the ”learning by doing” method, so it's very activity based. It aims to develop their school motivation, social skills and self-esteem using the right tools.

        5. Anti-drug days for 6th graders

        - The anti-drug days are done with the co-operation of the citys information team to give proper information to the students approaching a new school environment and teenage. During the event the students are given information about substances such as tobacco, snuff, alcohol, energy drinks, internet etiquette and whichever phenomenom is seen important to talk about. Youth and leisure students of Peräpohjolan Opisto organize visual and interactive showrooms regarding each topic, and afterwards talk about facts and myths regarding these topics. After the students have gone through all the topics, the day is ended with a discussions where students can share their thoughts on the day and substances.

        Sixth graders are seen as a good target group, because their substance experiments are usually quite rare, compared to the years to come. It's essential to give appopriate information before they hear false information from their peers, hoping to prevent bad habits in the critical years.

        Sixth grader also have chance to visit the youth clubs before they start in a new school. This gives them a chance to meet the youth leaders, clubs and what is generally done at clubs. They will be old enough to participate in the activities during the upcoming semester, so it's seen beneficial that students have a chance to meet up with youthworkers before that.

        6. ”Treasure hunt”, integration day for the high school freshmen

        -Moving on to yet another school degree, the fresh 1st year high school students are given a chance to build up their team spirit and get to know each other better during the integration day. On top of that the high school students have an annual ”Labor Day Rebellion” at the end of the semester, where they get a chance to take part in different workshops all around the city. The starting freshmen (1st grade students) are arranged a tour in the youth services by visiting the youth information center Aaltonen.

        Contact info: markku.lukkariniemi@tornio.fi 

        7. Tutors

          - Tutors are students, who help out their peers in school related issues and work as an example for others. Tutors are positive, social, friendly and understanding. They also help out planning events and gatherings in the school with the assistance of Youth service staff. Tutors are lead by youth leader Johanna Kallio. johannakallio.nuorisotoimi@tornio.fi

          8. Adapteri media workshop project

          - Adapteri is a workshop project which aims to develop youth work services using creativity and technology, utilizing different forms of modern media. The project works with multiple schools to ensure high quality activities. The project is also open for everyone interested, regardless of study focus. Media and it's resources are just one of the teaching methods available. Media can be used in many forms and occasions, and the Adapteri workshops are always shapeable to fit the cause. Media can be used to discuss and visualize different themes (like racism, sexuality, bullying) or fit for different school subjects. Adapteri headquarters work in youth information centre Aaltonen in central Tornio, across the mall.

            The most important features at the workshop are excitement for new things, making young peoples voices heard and learning new things. For more information, contact Markku Lukkariniemi (markku.lukkariniemi@tornio.fi or call 0400 768604.