Outreach youth work

What is it about?

Outreach youth work focuses on helping the youth in need. In Tornio we have four outreach youth workers, two of which work with youths aged between 16- 29 years, and the other two youth leaders work with younger, aged between 13-15 years. 

Outreach youth work might be needed when a young 
- has no job or isn't in school or studies 
- is about to leave their job or school
- has troubles with life management
- has troubles with their military service or is about to drop out 


 Who can contact us?
- the young himself/herself
- parents
- friends
- school staff
- authorities (Kela, social services, police)
- a
nyone who is worried about their friend or relative

Outreach youth work in Tornio works closely with employment office, social services, Kela, ground schools in the area, universities, youth services, parish, mental health institute and vocational schools to ensure professional help for the youth.


Contact information:


Reija Nurkkala

Aliisa Sakko 
p. 050 520 9738
email: aliisa.sakko@tornio.fi
Facebook: Etsivä nuorisotyö Aliisa Sakko


Aleksi Ylitervo (outreach youth work at schools)
p. 040 687 7065
email: aleksi.ylitero@tornio.fi
Facebook: Etsivä nuorisotyö Aleksi Ylitervo


Minna Herukka (outreach youth work at schools)
p. 040 687 8267
email: minna.herukka@tornio.fi
Facebook: Etsivä nuorisotyö Minna Herukka


Absent until 2018
Reija Nurkkala

p. 050 5209738
email: reija.nurkkala@tornio.fi
Facebook: Etsivä nuorisotyö Reija Nurkkala