Kulttuurihäiriö and RockJuna culture projects

RockJuna project is planned for musically interested and eager youth for a chance to make music, together or solo. Currently the band facilities are ongoing, so if you have a band but lack the place to play together, look no further! In the Rock-Juna’s free rehearsal room we have drums, guitars, bass, synth piano and required audio systems ready for use. You can book up the room for yourself or for your band to train in and it’s all free!

Rock-Juna also arranges gigs and other chances for youth bands and artists to play and perform at. If you’re interested for booking up the rehearsal room or you would like to play or perform somewhere send a message or call to Tatu Raatikainen.

The youth leader in this project is Tatu Raatikainen, who can be reached from p. 0406605758 or from email: kulttuurihairio@gmail.com OR tatu.raatikainen@tornio.fi


Rock-Juna is a project funded by Ministry of Education and Culture.