Hobby clubs

Tornio youth services provide diverse hobby club- and dance activities to the local youth. The clubs start their activities in Spetember, and there is no need for separate sign ups. There are lots of different ones to choose from, so keep your eyes and ears open. There are media clubas well as more traditional dance and sports clubs, so there's something for everyone!


Dance lessons in Nuorkka
From Monday to Tuesday we have dance lessons for kids and youth. Kids dance for 4-6 year old, dance/hip hop and show dance groups for 7-10 year old, show dance/ hip hop for 11-13 year old and a show dance group for 13 years and older. Gender doesn't matter, everyone is welcome! 


Sports clubs in Kaakamo and Arpela 
We have two sports clubs in each village. In Kaakamo it's on Tuesday: 17-18 pm for 7-9 year old and 18-19 pm for 10- 12 year old. In Arpela sports clubs are on Thursday: 


On Friday-nights we offer a chance to play floor ball in two locations. Youth services will provide all the equipment needed, you just need sports clothes and shoes. 


In Pudas it's 21-22pm and the place is called Putaan urheilutalo, U-halli. There's always an instructor who will oversee that things are going smoothly. 


In Kokkokangas it's 20-21.30pm. The place is a sports hall at the school of Kokkokangas.