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On the LaNuTi (Lapland Youth Information) Ranua site you will find information, assistance and advice for young people in Ranua. Youth work supports young people’s independence, confidence and self-expression as well as young people’s relationships with other youths, adults, their local area, society and the world. Youth work has an educational, goal-orientated and enduring influence on young people.

Youth workers: Taneli and Heini

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Ranua: 100% Additive Free

Ranua’s youth work is firmly and proudly 100% additive free

The 100% Additive Free (100% Lisäaineeton) slogan was launched in 2003 by the Youth Council. At the request of the head of leisure services, the council members tried to create a slogan for the prevention of intoxicating substances and had a stroke of genius. Awareness of '100% Additive Free' has been raised and reinforced through education through the help of various projects over the years. The slogan was launched as part of Ranua's youth culture in 2004 when it was introduced in many different youth events and everyday activities. The basis of 100% Additive Free is early intervention against intoxicating substances work with young people.

What does 100% Additive Free mean?

All activities organised for young people by the leisure service, i.e. camps, discos and other events are alcohol-, cigarette-, snus- and drug-free places. The annual Night Floorball games are places where young people can gather and where ’Dare To Say No’ training is organised. Monkkari youth center is a substance-free zone where you can hang out with friends until 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Last autumn the youth center also decided to take a stance on the consumption of energy drinks; Monkkari is now an energy drink free zone. According to recently published research, consumption of energy drinks is linked to alcohol consumption. Prevention of intoxicating substances is an essential part of youth work.

Testing boundaries, including trying intoxicating substances, is a part of youth and youth culture. This is the case in Ranua; unfortunately, we have not been spared from this. As a result, we have to be active in our efforts to prevent substance use and 100% Additive free has been a good tool.

Preventative action against intoxicating substances
The aim of early intervention against intoxicating substances has been to get young people in Ranua to consider their own relationships with alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. In Ranua, we have been sure to offer a multitude of activities and places for young people as well as to support a drug-free youth culture. With the 100% Additive Free slogan, we have tried to raise awareness among adults, especially in relation to alcohol.

Preventative action against intoxicating substances is nowadays helped by the trend of leading healthy and substance-free lifestyles, even among youths.

100% Additive Free around town

T-shirts, hoodies, pens, stickers, keyrings and drinks bottles amongst others have been emblazoned with the 100% Additive Free logo. These have been given out to young people at various events and will continue to be so. The products have been much sought-after and perhaps as a consequence of this, young people in Ranua are increasingly aware of their health. In addition to this, the use of alcohol and tobacco has decreased since the beginning of the century. In the future, many different kinds of activities will be organized for young people in Ranua, all in the spirit of 100% Addititve Free. We want to provide a good start in life for the youth of Ranua from which they will be sent into the world to study and become adults.
Youth worker contacts

Ranua’s youth service is part of the Ranua municipality’s leisure service. Since the beginning of 2007 the leisure service has encompassed youth, sport and cultural activities
lataus.jfif    Monkkari2.0 Youth Center
Keskustie 11 
97700 Ranua
p. 040 561 6328

Anitta Jaakola    Head of Leisure Services
Anitta Jaakola
Keskustie 11             
97700 Ranua
p. 0400 176 792

Taneli Koivukangas   Youth Work Leader
Taneli Koivukangas 
p. 040 522 8127 


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