Youth houses

Youth houses

Youth Affairs Office runs Youth Centers and Youth Houses at local areas of Town of Kemi.

All activities are runned by Youth Affairs Office and local youth organizations together with young people of town of Kemi.

Regular reservations for youth actions can be asked and applyed for from Youth Affairs Office.

Town of Kemi
Youth Affairs Office
Sauvosaarenkatu 11
FIN 94100 Kemi
Tel. +358 16 259 473 Fax. +358 16 259 823
e-mail: kemi.nuoriso@kemi.fi

Ajos Youth House 
Jatulintie 45,
FIN 94900 KEMI







Karihaara Youth Centre
Jakunkatu 1,
FIN 94600 KEMI

Youth leader
Marko Koivuaho
Mobil +358 40 831 5057
e-mail: marko.koivuaho@kemi.fi

Youth leader
Marko Kehusmaa
Mobil +358 40 742 6384
e-mail: anu.rastas@kemi.fi

Youth leader
Marko Kehusmaa
Mobil +358 40 742 6384
                                                              e-mail: marko.kehusmaa@kemi.fi


Siipi Youth Centre 
Satamalehdontie 2, FIN 94830 KEMI

Youth leader
Raija Latvala
Mobil +358 40 835 7647


Takitsu Youth Centre
Oklaholmakatu 16, FIN 94700 KEMI

Takitsu Youth Centre offers exiting opportunities to youth who simply have some free time and to youth who desire to gain some job experience.

The Takitsu Youth Centre is an excellent place fot youth to get together. There are all sorts of things to do. There is a billiards table, a ping pong table, board games and even a Play Station. There you can go to watch TV, or to just meet and be with friends.

The centre also organized fun clubs, game tournaments, Äxön (action) nights, Anime drawing activities, and even conserts in its sizable hall. There are also computers with Internet connections for those interested.

Got a good idea or something else you would like to do? You can participate in planning fun activities as an activities commitee member or simply by sharing your ideas with the staff.

Youth practising job skills are accepted into the Takitsu job skill labs through schools and through the employment agency. A pre-acceptance interview helps supervisors estimate youth’s abilities and goals. The target group for this service is youth between 17 and 25 years of age.

Youth leader
Marianne Anttila
Mobil +358 40 744 1131
e-mail: marianne.anttila@kemi.fi

Youth leader
Kari Karhunen
Mobil +358 50 427 5633
e-mail: kari.karhunen@kemi.fi

Youth leader
Tuomas Laajoki
Mobil +358 40 751 8013
e-mail: tuomas.laajoki@kemi.fi

Work leader
Tomi Keränen
Mobil +358 400 510 386
e-mail: tomi.keranen@kemi.fi


Work manager
Pekka Haapaniemi
Mobil +358 400 698 725
e-mail: pekka.haapaniemi@kemi.fi
Work leader
Jari Pöyhönen
Mobil +358 400 698 724
e-mail: jari.poyhonen@kemi.fi

Sarjis - Cultural centre for children
Kauppakatu 27, FIN 94100 KEMI

Child Culture producer 
Outi Hyvönen
Mobil +358 400 442787
e-mail: outi.hyvonen@kemi.fi

Event secretary 
Sanna Lemiläinen
Mobil +358 400 791 521
e-mail: sanna.lemilainen@kemi.fi